Online casino bonuses are in effect to help bring in new players to their sites. Brick and mortar or traditional casinos offer comps and bonuses to players in-house based on a formula that includes the amount of time they have spent in the casino playing, the average bet as well as how much the house can expect to make from said player. The comps or bonuses given by traditional casinos include but are not limited to airfare, free food or drinks, additional chips, limos, and entertainment tickets. Online casino bonuses are given to players because they are unable to give comps in the same manner as traditional casinos. Online casinos bonuses may include but are not limited to up to a certain percentage increase on a player’s next 5 deposits, free chips for a certain dollar amount worth of deposits, free spins on slots, and the like. Welcome bonuses are the most popular online casino bonuses offered, as this is also a way of bringing in new players. Prediksi Cambodia, in particular, offers up to $1,500 as a welcome bonus, where a player can play for up to 5 days for free and then must deposit money to continue playing. At this time if a player deposits $500, they would more than likely be given a $500 bonus, making their available betting balance $1,000. This would be good up to a deposit of $1,500. There are many other types of online casino bonuses, such as a tri-level bonus of 50-25-5. This would mean that the first deposit a player makes would be matched by the house by 50%, the next deposit would be matched at 25% and the third deposit would be matched at 5%. The amounts will vary based on the casino visited, but many offer these types of bonuses.

The most popular online casino bonuses by far are the welcome bonuses, with the tri-level bonuses coming in second. Free casinos or no deposit casinos however are the most popular online casinos available. The online casino bonuses offered by these sites allow a player to play for free on their site for a specific period of time. After that time is up, the player is required to make a deposit in order to continue playing or to cash out their account. Most all free casinos offer players the chance to cash out after a certain amount of money is accrued, and only after a deposit has been made. Many have restrictions on how much money must go through the account prior to a withdrawal taking place. This information is located in the terms and conditions on the site and should be read and agreed to prior to taking advantage of the ‘free’ casinos.

Online casino bonuses range from very small amounts to thousands of dollars, depending on the sites visited. There are caps on the amounts that can be won from the house in these online casino bonuses and this information is generally available on the site for perusal.