Video Poker is a casino game, which is focused on the five-card drawing poker principle. A computerized slot machine is brought into play in this game. There are few video poker variations that you can play on dewaonlineqq and will also be discussed in the following paragraphs along with their individual details.

Before we move on to discuss the individual types, we must know that the payout schedule usually differs for the individual variations. Some games will offer you 100 percent payback over the long run, if and only you will learn the correct strategies to play them. Currently, the best game is Jacks or Better because it provides you the necessary expertise that you need to acquire in order to move on to more intricate video poker games.

Jacks or Better

If you are a starter in playing video poker, this is the best game for you. It is considered to be a decent all-around machine that can be used by you to play at any time. The machine has a 99.5 % payback, because it is possessed with a good full house and flush payout chart.

It is also known as a 9/6 machine, which means that you will be paid 9 coins for a full house and 6 coins for a flush. It also possesses another feature, which is known as a royal flush payout. It means that if you are playing the maximum five coins, and you are able to obtain a flush, you will get 4000 coins back.

Joker Wild

The game is played with the regular 52-card deck along with the joker, which is used as the wild card. If you have this wild card, you can automatically use it at any time you want or two to create your hand of five cards. Since the wild card has an added bonus tagged to it, the minimum ranking for the winning hand is two pairs.

Deuces Wild

This variety also takes the use of a standard 52-card deck where all deuces are classified as wild cards. Since they have an added bonus of four deuce wild cards, the ranking for a winning hand is usually three of a kind.

King of the Decks

This variety takes the use of five decks of standard 52 decks. If for instance, you get a lucky chance to get the five kings of clubs, you will progressively win the jackpot. King of the Decks and Joker wild are two variations where the minimum ranking for winning hand is two pair.

Now once we have studied the brief details about the individual types, we may now conclude the best machines out of all these video poker variations. The best machines in the case of this computerized game are considered Jacks or Better and the Full Pay Deuces Wild. This is because, if you are inserting the maximum coins and are using the perfect strategy, the machines can guarantee you 99.5 percent, and 100.8 percent respectively.