Casino etiquette is a relatively new concept, born from the rapid growth of casinos following the legalization of gambling in Atlantic City. The days when people would show up at the door and simply drop off their money are long gone. In fact, casino etiquette has evolved so much that some people may find it hard to believe that they are actually expected to follow these rules. 

It’s important to remember that while most people enjoy playing cards, slot machines or blackjack at a casino, not everyone feels safe around them. It’s also fair to say that many gamblers don’t feel comfortable with the idea of having their activities observed by others. This is why casinos have developed strict guidelines regarding the behavior of customers who frequent their establishments. Below you will find a list of some of those guidelines. 

No Smoking 

Smoking is prohibited inside any casino, no matter how discreetly you try to do it. There are plenty of places where smoking is permitted outside of casinos, but if you’re planning on going there just to smoke, you’ll be disappointed. If you can’t resist the temptation to light up, you might want to consider leaving your cigarettes at home. 

You should know, however, that casinos often ban smoking inside even though they permit it out-side. This is because they prefer that smokers go outside where they won’t bother other patrons as well as create a cleaner environment for non-smokers. 

If someone tries to light up right next to you, politely ask him to move away and let you continue puffing. Also, never inhale deeply through your nose. Doing this will cause an unpleasant smell and will make you look like a dork. 

No Drinking or Eating While Playing 

Although there is nothing wrong with enjoying yourself while playing at a casino, it’s against the law to consume alcoholic beverages or snacks while gambling. This rule applies to both adults and children. 

Even if you’re allowed to drink in the casino, you shouldn’t do so unless you’ve got enough cash to cover all your losses. You may think that you can easily pay for your drinks and food after you win. However, you must realize that this isn’t true. Casinos have a limit on how much credit card information they give out in case you lose everything. If you happen to run up too much debt, you could end up being banned from the casino for life. 

As far as eating goes, casinos frown upon it because they don’t want to encourage a feeling of lethargy among their patrons. They want gamblers to stay alert and attentive to their surroundings. Eating and drinking also takes a huge chunk out of your wallet. So, if you really need to eat something, wait until you’ve finished playing then head over to one of the restaurant booths. 

No Touching Other People 

This guideline is particularly directed at women and children. Although it’s perfectly acceptable for men to touch each other, touching strangers is frowned upon. No matter how friendly you think another patron is, he is still a stranger and his personal space belongs to him. 

The same goes for kids. Even though they may be excited about meeting new friends, they should be taught that other people’s bodies are theirs alone. As soon as they start playing with other kids, they should give their toys back to the parents or guardians. 

No Picking Up Sticks or Coins 

Casinos keep things clean and orderly, so they have rules regarding what you can pick up inside the establishment. For example, you cannot pick up coins or sticks from the floor. Similarly, you can only take things out of vending machines if you buy something first. 

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You may wonder why casinos care about such details. After all, aren’t the games the main draw? Well, yes, but it doesn’t hurt to be courteous. Gamblers are always looking to grab any advantage they can get when they play. By keeping the floors clean, players won’t find themselves tripping over coins or sticks left lying around. 

No Talking Loudly 

Casinos usually offer quiet areas where players can relax and enjoy their time away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world. When you choose a table, seat yourself, and begin playing, you should avoid making a lot of noise. It’s okay to speak during gameplay, but you should refrain from doing so if possible. 

In addition, it’s best not to talk loudly with the other players. This way, they won’t hear your conversation. If you really need to talk, you should whisper instead. 

Be Polite 

Finally, if you decide to visit a casino, don’t forget to act nice toward the staff. This means not only speaking politely to them but also treating them with respect. Remember that they work very hard to provide you with a fun and relaxing experience. Treating them with the same courtesy you’d expect in a store can only help. 

Also, when you leave, be sure to thank the person who assisted you. This shows that you appreciate his contribution to your overall pleasure. 

There are times when you may find yourself in a situation where you need to act rudely or unkindly towards someone else. Such instances occur when you’re angry, frustrated, or upset. But in general, casino etiquette dictates that you treat everybody with respect. Even if you hate a particular person, act politely when interacting with them. The last thing you want is for the casino personnel to kick you out for being a jerk.