If you got to this chapter before you checked out that whole layout, you’ve just raised the membership in the ‘D & D club’ to 135,944,624. What a crime! 

 Would just like to make sure you’ve got complete understanding of where to place your chips on some of these bets. 

  1. Street let’s say you’re taking the street of 7 8 9. Place chip on the 7, but on the line overlapping into the first dozen columns. 2. Double Street Let’s say you’re taking the double street of 31 32 33 34 35 36. Place chip in between the 31 and 34, and on the line that separates the Inside numbers with the 3rd dozen. In effect, half of the chip is in the 3rd dozen box, 1/4 is touching the 31 and 1/4 is touching the 34. 3. Quad Bet Let’s say you want the four number grouping of 5 6 8 9. The chip is placed right smack in the middle of these four numbers, with 1/4 of the chip touching each number. 

I realize these are basic moves, but it amazes me to see how many people saunter up to a Roulette table and have no idea of how or where to place the bets. 

About 2 or 3 years ago a fellow by the name of I.M. Konnfused walked to a Roulette table and shyly asked the croupier, “I don’t know too much about the game will you tell me when I get Blackjack?” Everyone at the table laughed. 

The story isn’t over. This guy made bets all over the place and after a couple of hours was up over $3000. At one point he looked at the other players and cockily announced, “I guess you’re not laughing at me now!” 

The story isn’t over. I.M. Konnfused kept playing. Within a half hour he gave back the $3000, plus the $500 he bought in with. The cocky smile was wiped off his face and I.M. Konnfused was confused when he got off the table. 

If you’re confused about any part of this game go back and learn it from square one.

Now maybe we can all get into the swing of learning about the Lay out and the terms we’ll use when going over systems. There are so many QQ games too available on the online casino sites. there are also games of bandar slot that have amazed players with the amazing gameplay tricks. It is advised to bet in a limited amount only because betting is done on real time money. 

The lay out is easy to understand. Just match the letter with the corresponding letter on the left . Get agood grasp on the number of bets that can be made and exactly where to place your chips. For instance, when betting the split as shown on the chart, there is a chip in between the 18 and the 21 (to indicate that the player wants both numbers). If that chip is placed in such a position that the dealer thinks it is just on one number (suppose the 18; and the 21 shows) you may have trouble collecting your bet properly placed.

Naturally a sharp dealer watches the patterns of the individual players and will keep an eye on your bets and even remember what particular system you are using. 

But it is not going to hurt you to concentrate on this matter. When you get into multiple hedges betting, you can bet your ding dang that you better have this mastered or you’re going to get your clock cleaned.