Poker is a very popular card game that keeps up the excitement of players and situs slot online by introducing new and exciting modifications in every game makes it even more happening. Most of these variations of poker are governed by the same set of rules with differences lying in the number of betting rounds, actions taken between rounds, and the way the cards are dealt.

There are three main variations of poker played in the casinos all over the world and are described below as:

Stud Poker

In this variation, players are dealt with face-up as well as face-down cards in a number of betting rounds. It can further be classified into a 7-card stud and 5-card stud with the main difference being in the number of cards dealt.

Draw Poker

It is a poker game in which players are dealt a complete hand in one go and then the hand is improved by replacing cards from the deck.

Community Card Poker

In this variation, everyone is dealt with a partially hidden hand and there are some face-up cards shared by all the players. The most famous of this kind are Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hold’em poker.

Along with these poker variations, there are some rules variations that further add spice to a poker game. For instance, wild cards can be added during the game or players can pass on cards to others (like in Anaconda, another variation of poker). There can be a Lowball win, wherein the worst hand takes away the pot or there can be a high-low split. There can be a twist wherein a player buys a card from the deck by investing some pre-fixed amount into the pot. There can be a roll your own poker variation, mostly seen in stud games, wherein the player can decide which cards would be facing up and which would be in the hole. It is not necessary to play poker with the entire deck. A stripped deck or a combination of decks can be used to make the game far more thrilling.

There are some other poker variations that do not completely fit in one of the above-mentioned categories. For example, Chicago is a variation that is quite similar to a 7-card stud with the difference that the highest or the lowest spade in the hole splits the pot and the one with both the highest as well as the lowest spade wins the entire pot. There are some variant games that are a mixture of variations. For instance, H.O.R.S.E. poker comprises of Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hold’em, Razz (a variation of Lowball), 7-card stud, and 7-card eight or better. In such a mix of games, the number of hands played with one kind of variation is fixed and then players move on to the next variation.

There can even be some home versions of poker like, Follow the queen, Countdown, Oxford stud, and Billabong which to a great extent depend upon the innovative ideas of the dealer. In a nutshell, poker defines a set of rules which can be modified in any way in order to make the game far more exciting.