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Why Play The PokerStars Summer Series?

PokerStars is one of the top online poker sites that offers wide range of bonuses and huge cash rewards to its customers. Recently, the company announced a $25 million guaranteed reward for the Summer Series on 7th June. It will be held till 21st June and between this time, there will be 166 events. You can very well understand that participating in this tournament can really give you the opportunity to win big money. However, there are few more reasons why you should take part in it. Take a look at them in the following section and visit to play poker.

Play in a Variety of Formats

 the Summer Series is going to be dominated by the No-Limit hold’em tournaments, there are 26 other tournaments that the players can take part in. So you have the ability to choose between various formats and decide which game to play. You can play 6+ Hold’em, pot-limit fusion, and pot-limit Omaha as well. Other formats in Summer Series include razz, Stud, and five-card draw. The diverse selection makes the tournament even more exciting.

Gain More Experience

when you are playing big tournaments and games like the Summer Series, you can gain a great deal of experience. You compete with big players and come across new formats of game that will help you to enhance your skills to the highest levels. If you are planning to take part in the 2020 World Championship Of Online Poker (WCOOP), then playing the Summer Series will help you practice all the essential moves and techniques.

Earn Money Chests

a very interesting reason to play the Summer Series is to earn the money chests. Over a span of 28 days, you can win upto 10 money chests and these include –

  • Level 1: Blue Chest – $0.60
  • Level 2: Bronze Chest – $0.60 to $12
  • Level 3: Silver Chest – $1.50 to $30
  • Level 4: Gold Chest – $5 to $100
  • Level 5: Diamond Chest – $12.50 to $250
  • Level 6: Black Chest – $35 to $700

How To Set Up The Online Poker Games For Enthralling Experiences With Friends?

 Online games are so much fun as they provide you enthralling experiences, and you can enjoy them with your friends, so when it comes to poker, the same can be practiced as well. The growth in tech has improved over the years and helping the larger audience to deal with their passion and earn a larger amount of money.

We are providing assistance on how you can make private poker online groups for having fun along with your friends. 

How to set up online poker games with friends?

Technology is getting advanced, and so do the gambling now different sites provide you with the benefit of private poker groups to engage with gambling practices for fun. If you and your friends are passionate about the game of gambling, then it is appropriate to pick for the private poker games that can accelerate the fun of the game. 

Firstly, you need to find an online site that offers easy formation of the groups for the gameplay. Once you have found the convenient site, then ask your friends to join the site as well for a greater experience. Now create a group in the lobby select more menu options with home games. You would be provided two particular options here one is for joining a poker group and another one for creating one. You can tap on create one and name it. You can prepare a group invitation code, and the site would send you details regarding one further share it with your friends to join one. 

It can be your personal poker group where people can only enter the group with invitation code only. The gameplay would become so much fun and enthrall at the same time with your bunch of friends of your choice that are good at the game of poker so that you can play a better game.

Penalty Shootout Betting: The Foolproof Technique

One hundred and twenty minutes of football is often not enough to separate two teams who carry the hopes and expectations of more than a million fans. It comes to the point where it is going to take a dramatic tie-breaker called the penalty shootout to shower one team with glory and the other with disbelief. It goes without saying that the pressure on the players is immense. The strikers, especially, are the ones you have to feel sorry for. Seldom is blame laid on the goalkeeper for not keeping the ball out of the net in such a situation, whereas the strikers know that they are simply expected to score.

In sharp contrast to this scene, is the intelligent better sitting cozy before his television, rubbing his hands at the prospect of making money out of this situation. Because unlike most bets where you risk losing money for an incorrect prediction, live betting in penalty shootouts is a sure-shot way of winning if you do it right.

One fact you need to pay attention to is that for a penalty shootout to end, at least one player must miss or have his penalty saved (essentially the same thing – from now I’ll stick to the word ‘miss’ to refer to both outcomes). The shootout keeps going on and on if players keep scoring. So the basic idea is, you keep betting that penalty takers from both sides will not score their penalties, as long as the score is level (it is a bit of a risk to place such a bet when the scores are not level because the condition that at least one player must miss is no longer true). You might be wondering how you can not lose money when you keep betting on players missing. What if I win only one bet and lose all the others? Well, the thing is, you don’t keep betting the same amount each time. Every time you are wrong, increase your stake so you can make up for your earlier loss. You might have heard people telling you never to bet big just to make for your losses. But that piece of advice is based on the fact that you stand to lose an even greater amount if you get it wrong again. In the case of a penalty shootout, however, you will win at least one bet, and one bet is all you need to win to make up for your losses.

Let’s take an example to clear up this concept. Say, the odds of a player scoring are 5/2 and that of a player missing is 3/1. The penalty shootout is about to start and the scores are level, which is the condition for this trick to be foolproof. I place a stake of 100 on each player to miss.

Scenario – 1: Both players miss

This is the best thing that can happen to you from the betting point of view. You win 250 from each of the player’s miss. Taking your initial stake into account, you make a profit of 300. The scores are still level, and you proceed to make a bet again as though you are starting afresh.

Scenario – 2: One player misses

Since the odds favour scoring a penalty as opposed to missing one, you make a profit if one player scores and the other misses. You would win 250 for the miss, which ends you up with a profit of 50. It may seem small, but they do increase with a higher stake, and is certainly better than nothing, or worse – a loss. At this point, the score is 1 – 0, which is not a level score. So you do not place any further bets until the scores become level again (remember, by level, I mean level after both teams have taken equal number of penalties).

Scenario – 3: No player misses

This is obviously not what you want, but it certainly doesn’t mean that you’d end up with losses. You would’ve lost your stake of 200 completely, but here’s where you try to win it back. Now, you bet, say 500 on each player missing instead of 100. This time, if you encounter scenario 1, awesome! Taking, all your losses into account, you end up with a profit of 1300. If you encounter scenario 2, well, you still make a profit of 50. If you’re unfortunate enough to encounter scenario 3 again, then repeat your earlier scenario 3 steps with an even greater amount, say 3000. You might be getting a little nervous with these rapidly multiplying numbers, but fear not, you will win at least one bet and that’s all you need to end up with a profit.

As you can see, if you avoid emotional overcome and have enough cash to invest in your bets, the penalty shootout is a terrific system for betters to win and have fun. Your favourite team may not win, but hey, there is a bright side.

There are pros and cons in every game and penalty shootouts play a huge role in turning the tables no matter how strong or weak your team is because you need to keep your emotions in place without getting carried away as though it is a mere round of poker online Indonesia.

I figure that should give you an idea how to bet on penalty shootouts. Remember, always pay attention to the odds and the carefully calculate how much you’re going to increase the stake by if you encounter scenario 3. Good luck!

Poker Tips for Beginners

Poker is fun.

Poker is lucrative.

Poker is frustrating.

Poker is a mystery.

Which statement best describes your understanding of the game?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last four years, you’ve most likely noticed a fundamental shift in the amount of attention the game of poker has been receiving. Recently, poker can be found on television at almost any time of day, on any one of at least 10 of the 500 or so channels offered by your local cable companies. Poker has evolved into a multi-billion dollar a year industry. Before this so-called poker “boom¬®, most people would have considered poker to be one of those games played in a dark smoke filled basement, or the back room of a ritzy country club, or on the rickety tables of some forgotten western saloon. These days it can be found just about everywhere games are played. It’s found not only in casinos but probably your neighbors well lit, fully finished basement. Local clubs sponsor poker events at all levels, and even offer seats to major televised tournaments to their winners. Even the video game consoles our kids play “all the time¬® offer poker games in one form or another. It can also be found on the most prolific media of them all, the internet. There are literally thousands of sites dedicated to play, education and promotion of this great American game.

The problem with most poker sites is the way they approach poker education. Most sites, will give you tips and tricks, some may even give you actual lessons, but nearly all of them begin your education with the basic premise that you know something about the game. Let’s face it, if you are reading this, you don’t know nearly as much as you need to in order to fully enjoy the game, to say nothing of making you efforts lucrative. DON’T FEEL EMBARASED, OR ASHAMED! There are 20 million people in this country who play poker on a semi-regular basis, and I can pretty much promise you NONE of them where born knowing how to play.

Keeping that in mind, I promise to treat you like children. Not because I’m better than you, but because I am early enough in my poker odyssey to remember being a “donkey¬® (that’s poker speak for moron). So sit back and prepare to have poker explained to you in the simplest terms this poker player can conceive of.

Let’¬¶s start at the beginning with Hand Rankings. What beats what? How do I know if I’ve won the hand? This is a list of hands from lowest to highest, along with a brief explanation of what they are in laymans terms.

– High Card. This is the worst hand to have. It is exactly as it sounds. If all you have is high card, you have nothing else, just a card that is higher than another. Such as an Ace, or a King (A,K). No pair no nothing, just a card.

– Pair. This one is also as it sounds. Its a pair of cards of the same rank, such as 2 Kings ( KK), or 2 10s ( 10 10). In the event two players both have a pair, the higher pair wins, for example, my pair of Queens beats your pair of 9s. If two players have the same pair I.E. we both have a pair Queens, then something called a “kicker¬® comes into play. A kicker is simply a tie breaker card that is left in your hand, or in the community cards (only used in specific poker games). Example: I have a pair of Queens with a King kicker, and you have a pair of Queens with an Ace kicker, YOU WIN!

– Two Pair. Again, don’t over think it. Two pair is just that, two pairs of cards. In the event two players have two pair, the higher pair is the winner. Example: My KK and 77, beats your QQ and JJ. Now if we both have two identical pairs, we look to the kicker.

– Three of a kind. Also known as “trips¬®, or “a set¬®. Way to easy I know. Three of a kind is three cards of the same rank, i.e. three 7s, or three Queens(QQQ). Because there are only four of each card in the deck, you’ll never have to worry about two players having the same three of a kind.

– Straight. This one can be tricky. A straight is five cards of consecutive rank, for example: 4 5 6 7 8, or 9 10 J Q K. The higher straight wins. In the event of two identical straights, we have what’s called a “split pot¬®. Both players equally divide the money in the pot.

– Flush. A flush is five cards of any rank, all of the same suit. Five clubs, five hearts, five spades, or five diamonds. Any rank, as long as they are ALL the same suit. Two flushes? The one with the highest card wins.

– Full House. Also called a “full boat¬®, or just a “boat¬®. This hand is made up of a three of a kind, and a pair, all in the same hand. Example: three kings and two jacks ( KKKJJ). In the event of two full houses, the one with the higher three of a kind wins.

– Four of a kind. This is also as it sounds, four cards of the same rank. Example: four 9s (9999). The higher four of a kind is the winner.

– Straight Flush. This one is hard to get, it almost never happens, and when it does its nearly bullet proof. It is five cards of consecutive rank that are all the same suit. For example: 4 5 6 7 8, all clubs. As with a flush or a straight, the tie breaker is the highest card.

– Royal Flush. The great grand poo-ba of all poker hands, the hand that is so rare, you could play for years without seeing one. This one is the highest five cards of any suit. Example: 10 J Q K A of spades. In the highly unlikely event there are two, split the pot between the two luckiest people in the world, because that’s who your dealing with at that point.

Another tip for beginners is to practice playing poker online. There are some helpful and reliable websites like where you can do some practice so you can have a strong background about the game and at the same time, you will be able to create your own strategy for you to win.

There you have it. Hope this helps on your way to enjoying one of Americas great pastimes.

In my next article I’ll cover the different types of poker games that can be found at home, in casinos or on the internet.

Until next time, remember: A good player can dodge bad luck, a great player doesn’t have to.

Youth Compulsive Gambling Addiction Problems

What are youths doing in schools these days? The Chicago Tribune had an article titled “Another Arrest in High School Gambling”. The article noted that several youths had participated in a gambling operation in a Catholic High School. It also stated that some students had a debt of $27,000 that they owed a bookie. This news might sound shocking but apparently adults are not the only ones that can have gambling problems.

Surprisingly with the media and advances in technology, gambling is becoming more popular especially with youths. Youths like the ones in the Chicago Tribune article are starting to gamble at a very young age and many are doing it illegally. However, one problem that seems to be arising is that youth gambling addictions are occurring in institutions such as schools. People may wonder who or what is influencing these youth into a gambling problem or addiction. This proposal will examine compulsive behavior like gambling and how youth respond and are affected by it. With a registration at Poker QQ site, there will be reduction in the problems of the person. The checking of the reviews and ratings should be done through the person. The results will be effective to meet with the specifications of the gamblers.  

Gambling is a major problem and addiction in the United States. The U.S. census bureau states that in the year 2002 there were 65,915 gaming establishments in the nation and that the revenue was $75,010,469 for one year. These large numbers indicates that gambling is very popular in the United States and that many individuals spend a lot of their money and time to participate in this addictive activity. The book “Win or Lose: A social History of Gambling in the U.S.” notes many significant historical happenings with the gambling phenomenon. In 1976, a national study commission found that 77% of American adults were pathological gamblers (Longstreet, c 1977). This percentage of pathological gamblers in the U.S. can support the fact that gambling addictions are a huge health problem in society. In 1996 President Clinton even acknowledged the fact that it was a problem by signing H.R. 497 which made the gambling impact and policy commission act to investigate gambling in America (Longstreet, c 1977). Gambling is a big problem in U.S. society because it is widely advertised and is legalized in 21 states (Longstreet, c 1977). Many organizations like Gamblers Anonymous are worried about gambling addictions in all age groups especially in youth.

The book, “Born to Lose: Memoirs of a compulsive gambler” reflects the consequences of gambling from the perspective of a compulsive gambler. The author Bill Lee acknowledges that gambling is a huge problem for him and the general public (Lee, c2005). Gambling addictions can start as early as childhood from simply wagering baseball cards in third grade to other activities that involve games and chance (Lee, c2005). Gambling in the United States is perceived as a more positive connotation then as negative like other addictions that include: drinking alcohol and drug use. Therefore, because gambling is not acknowledged as a negative problem an individual especially like a child or youth may be more prone in becoming addicted.

The book, Teenagers and compulsive gambling discuss how youth are more likely to become compulsive gamblers (Watts c1994). Society advertises gambling as a reward to children rather then imposing the negative financial situations and addictions. Institutions like schools and colleges may be actually influencing children and youths to gamble. Teenagers can be easily influenced and have a higher percentage of having addictive behaviors (Watts c1994).

First Guilty Plea in Black Friday Poker Case

The DOJ indicted several poker-site key players and payment processors on what poker players now call Black Friday. According to the New York Post, Bradley Franzen is the first to plead guilty in charges related to the Internet gambling crackdown.

Franzen was a payment processor – essentially a front for the poker sites because banks did not want to do business with poker sites due to the UIGEA. After several years, DOJ apparently gathered enough evidence to indict owners of the poker sites Full Tilt, PokerStars and Absolute Poker (Absolute and UB are owned by the same entity today).

Franzen assisted in setting up fake businesses. As far as the banks were concerned, they had no problem initiating these fake transactions because they simply didn’t know they were actually poker transactions. In one case, a bank official willingly gave the green light for the poker transactions by allegedly taking bribes.

Although there are possible defenses to the UIGEA gambling, bank fraud and money-laundering charges, this first guilty plea suggests that the DOJ has a solid case against the online poker operators and their associates. But with up to 30 years of prison time facing a defendant, it is also not surprising that at least some of the defendants will plead guilty.

A number of the defendants, including all owners of the poker sites, have not turned themselves in and are residing in various places overseas. They could simply decide to avoid prosecution by never entering the United States. But that would likely make it nearly impossible for owners like Ray Bitar (Full Tilt) and Isai Sheinberg (PokerStars) to get licenses for their poker sites in the event that legislation is passed to legalize and regulate online poker.

The same goes for situs judi online as there have been numerous pleas by site owners to legalize it online as they feel that it is quite harmless and involves playing safe where the bets are not as high as in poker or blackjack.

Scott Tom, who is connected to Absolute Poker and, at least by extension, UB, has long been suspected as an inside cheater in online poker and would likely never be involved in getting a license to operate a poker site in the United States. But Bitar and Scheinberg could at least stand some chance if they would plead guilty and put this situation behind them after serving a few years.

More guilty pleas are likely to ensue. At the same time, however, there seems to be growing support among politicians for legalized online poker. Although it may take years for that to happen, Washington, D.C. has already passed laws to have online poker, and the Nevada Assembly (the state’s equivalent to the House of Representatives) just passed a bill to provide licensing for online poker provided that a federal law expressly allows such a state practice.

What Are The 5 Strategies To Use Poker Odds In Your Favor?

Considering situs judi online is beneficial because here one will get lots of opportunities as well as games for playing and winning. Poker games are played from all over the world because it is interesting as well as excited to play. You can easily earn good cash money just by playing poker games at your home. You can also visit casinos but playing online poker games is entertaining as well as one of the best way to overcome boredom. There is lots of things one need to consider for making all the things in their favor by playing poker games. One can easily become a professional player by practicing and by acknowledging the tricks. There are several websites as well as online applications where you get gambling games in bulk quantity. 

In this article you will be going to read about the 5 strategies to use poker odds in favor such as listed below:

  1. If you consider the rules and tricks wisely then it will become easy for you to play the game. More over you don’t need any help because it is very easy to play gambling games. 
  2. For getting poker odds in your favor you can reach out to your friends and play with them. 
  3. Try to avoid using large amounts while playing the game because winning is not in your hand so you can use small amounts despite of large one. 
  4. You can easily play games if you opt a certified platform for playing and wining the game. 
  5. Also, if you are playing these poker games on a legalized platform then all the transactions will  be secured and safe. 

Consider the above listed information so that you can easily play as well as good cash money by rendering gambling games.

Texas Holdem: Bluffing to Win

Do you like to play Texas Holdem? More importantly, do you like to win consistently at Texas Holdem? If you answered yes to either question, you should know a little bit about the art of bluffing. If you cannot effectively bluff or if you don’t have the faintest idea of what bluffing is, you will never become an effective Texas Holdem poker player. Bluffing in poker is not a science, it is more like an art form and it requires lots of study and lots of practice to become good at it. This article will hopefully provide you with a little bit of insight into the art of bluffing in Texas Holdem.

For starters, you need to be a good liar if you expect to be any good at bluffing in Texas Holdem while under pressure. You have undoubtedly noticed that many Texas Holdem players wear sunglasses, hats, hoods, etc. They wear these things to make it difficult to read them and it is all part of the strategy of bluffing in Texas Holdem. You never want your opponents at the poker table to get a good read on you or your intentions so if you aren’t a good liar, you need to get better at it and putting together a good poker wardrobe is helpful.

Knowing when to bluff when sitting at the Texas Holdem poker table is critical as there are only certain times that you can expect to successfully bluff someone out of a pot and even then, it will only work under certain conditions. If you are not on the button or very close to it, bluffing will not be as effective and can become costly very quickly. Being on or close to the button allows you to see what your opponents are doing and having this information provides you with critical information that you will use to determine if bluffing is in your best interest.

Since bluffing, by definition, means that you will be playing a less than perfect hand, you need to be wary when someone calls your bluff. If you know that your bluff has been called by a tight player who may be holding a superior hand, it may just be best to abandon your bluff attempt. However, be sure to consider pot odds and the effect that walking away from your bluff will have on your table image before doing so though.

As you practice, your bluffing skills will improve. The better you get, the more effective Texas Holdem player you will become.This is how the proverbial bluffer does his work because one needs to be a master at this technique to find your own footing in something like Texas Holdem player as it has numerous twists to its name
unlike bandarq online, which is more of a start out process for beginners.

The Online Casino Has Changed Poker History!

It is around two years since poker has been introduced and played in the land-based casinos. Now, the online casino has taken the gambling world by storm. Many gambling websites are out there, and these are offering a huge collection of poker games. With the help of playing poker games, it is possible for gamblers to make a huge amount of money. The poker websites are organizing many competitions and tournaments for gamblers. By taking part in these tournaments, you can make money quickly and improve your bankroll. 

Texas Holdem and online poker stars are introduced in the casino poker sector in the year 2001. Many people were taking part in these poker games to try out their luck. Well, texas Holdem is still popular and grabbing the attention of countless gamblers due to its numerous characteristics. 

Online poker websites 

Gone are the days when people used to play poker games in the land-based casinos. The introduction of online casinos has changed the way how people play casino games. Now, it is possible to play poker games by sitting in the comfort of your home. You don’t need to travel a long distance to visit the casinos. All you need to do is to connect your device with an internet connection in order to bring a casino to your home. 

A wide range of games under one roof 

Now, gamblers can play Pkv Games Online on their smartphones or other devices to make money. They can play these poker games whenever they want. When you visit a poker website, you can get access to a huge variety of games under one roof. Choose the games that you like the most in order to get started. Whether gambling is legal in your country or not, you can play online poker games to earn money.

Wanna Beat Casino? Here’s How

If you’re a hard casino player, you certainly want to beat the house of games. But how would you do that? Well, here are some things you need to know first.


One of the best and effective ways to beat casino is to be an advantage player. Casinos don’t like advantage players because they always seek for ways and method to beat the house. Advantage players usually involve illegal and cheating activities such as using a device like computer to help them make decisions and past posting or simply making a bet after the time when no more bets are to be taken. Advantage players also use card counting which is legal. This strategy is commonly used in blackjack family of casino games. This strategy allows players to determine whether the next hand is likely to give a probable advantage to the dealer or player. This method, however, requires practice and extensive skills so you can perform it effectively.

You can also beat the casino house if you are a good actor with shrewd eye for loopholes. In playing casino, some experts would say that the easiest means for players to win is to exploit programs of loyalty. In addition, you also have to be both careful and patient. These traits would be your advantage in playing Blackjack. 

Furthermore, there are some considerations that you need to give importance to. First, you need to decide how much you are ready and willing to lose. It is advisable to create a bankroll of such amount. While gambling may be addicting, you should not let it consume you and your hard work money. Yes, it is good to have a slot online but make sure that you are smart and careful enough not to lose everything.

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