For many casino players, there is nothing as thrilling as the roulette wheel. The excitement that comes with watching the wheel rotating as the ball bounces ready to settle at a particular position is simply something many gamblers find hard to resist. The increase in popularity of online casinos has made the game of roulette a favorite choice for many players. The following are some tips to put in mind when playing online roulette, such as strategies that increase odds of winning. Also included is a guide on how to choose a safe online roulette casino.

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Tips on increasing the chances of winning

There are various strategies that players can apply to make sure that they increase the odds of winning the game and getting a little edge over the house. However, the first thing that all online roulette players need to note is that the house will always have the edge. The house will always have higher chances of winning than the players, and that is simple math. Players should note that this is the nature of the game and so no strategies can help you win all the time. However, the following are some basic strategies that may be applied by players to make sure that they lose less and win a little more.

• Avoid betting on a single number as this has a very low chance of guaranteeing you a win. Instead, split your bet in such a way that includes several numbers on the board such as a whole row or column, this increases the chances of winning.

• Avoid playing with numbers and play on the outside where you bet odd, even, red, black, 1 -18 or 19-36. This gives you a much greater edge than simply betting on numbers.

• Try different strategies such as doubling when you lose, or doubling when you win or any other strategies. No one strategy explicitly guarantees winning.

• When you have a choice, avoid American roulette and instead play European roulette as it has no double zeros, meaning that you have a higher chance of hitting your choice spot on the board.

• Never bet all you have, a good strategy is to always keep some amount of what you win aside to prevent an absolute loss.

How to choose a safe online roulette casino

• Only play at online casinos that have software that is audited by independent regulatory bodies such as eCOGRA.

• Avoid playing at blacklisted casinos or those casinos that are hosted from countries that don’t have stringent rules regulating the casinos.

• Look for online casino reviews from previous and current members, only play at the ones that have good reputation of payouts and fairness.