With incredibly simple rules, it is not hard for anyone to learn how to play keno. In fact, hundreds of people play keno every day, either on the internet at sites or in casinos around the world. Here are a few tips for playing strategically in either location.

In a Casino

Learning how to play keno in a casino can be a lot of fun because it provides a social element as well as introduces a higher level of anticipation and excitement. In situs agen bola terpercaya, players receive a keno ticket with a grid of 80 numbers. The players mark up to 20 of those numbers with X’s and then place their bets. They can purchase multiple rounds with the same numbers or simply purchase a single ticket. They receive a duplicate ticket with their numbers marked on it. The players then wait together with any other players for the keno race to begin. The numbers are called, and then players can go up and claim their prizes before the next game begins.

Online Casinos

Keno online is very similar with just a few small differences. First, there is no waiting for the keno round to begin. As soon as the player selects his or her numbers and submits them, the round begins and ends almost immediately. This can allow for very quick-paced gameplay and very little anticipation. Second, instead of having to mark their lucky numbers anew for each game, players can automate their numbers selection across multiple rounds. Finally, several online casinos offer free keno. Players can enjoy the fun and excitement of the lottery game without losing any money.

Whether they appreciate the social aspect of the game or prefer the quick and automatic play of an online version, it is not hard for players to learn how to play keno either online or in a casino. With lucky numbers in hand, anyone can join the game that has delighted players around the world for centuries.