The jungle drums are indicating that Facebook’s next venture may be into the world of online poker, and in the near future are set to launch their own internet poker room. This is despite the fact that Facebook has been famously conservative in the past about posting advertisements for online casinos, or which could be seen to promote online gambling (although, as you and I both know, poker does not fall into that category). These rules were relaxed in 2010, and they now offer online bingo for real money in the UK.

With online poker in America fast becoming a case of “when not if”, it seems like the most logical progression for the Facebook empire. Facebook users are of course able to play online poker on the site at the moment, thanks to applications such as Zynga poker, but as of yet playing for real money is not an option.

In the modern economy, the craze of the use the William Hill promo code for 2020 is increasing. The bank account is increased with real cash. The card games are played after preparing a strong strategy. No other options are made available to the players to get the effective results. 

The idea of “Facebook Poker” is a very intriguing one. I would personally like to see them develop their own software, rather than striking a deal with one of the networks or an established internet poker room like PokerStars. I think the boys over at Facebook could inject something completely new and really unique into the online poker experience.

For one thing, very little has been done about applying online poker to social media. Automatic updates of your poker victories seem like an obvious choice, with a much bigger emphasis on interaction with fellow players. Poker is at heart a social game for the majority of people, and it is an aspect which is sadly lacking in most online poker rooms. You’ve probably all experienced it – when the only person writing in the chatbox is the dealer.

Providing easier and more updated methods of chatting at the table is something I’m sure Facebook could easily field. I mean, Zuckerberg and his team have practically revolutionised the way we communicate online. I’m sure they could do great things for poker online communication.

Not to mention there is no-one more egotistical about their victories than poker players, and most of us already splash our cash victories around on Facebook anyway (don’t deny it, we’ve all seen them). The chat box at sites like tends to be used (in my experience anyway) for little more than pretty insults when someone suffers a bad beat. It would be great to have a place where poker players could play, interact and make new friends without sitting in stony silence.

I also believe it would be good for PokerStars to have some competition when it comes to internet poker. With the acquisition of their former rival Full Tilt they will dominate the field without any real competitors. Facebook poker could provide that competition. When poker opens up in America, I look forward to seeing how it all pans out.