What is black jack or what is black jack? I really wonder why this game is better known as black jack, than 21 or other appropriate name. I mean that everyone uses this name, but who knows where it came from. It is said that the hidden origins of the game are in the French “Chemin de fer” or the “French ferme”. Either way, black jack is called like this because any player dealt with a jack of spades and an ace of spades from the first 2 cards won a bonus beside the black jack pot.

Learning about the rules of the บาคาร่า will provide more success and winning chances to the players. The playing of the games should be with the skills and expertise. A pleasant experience is provided to the gamblers who are interested in playing of the casino table games.

Understanding the game A natural is a total of 21 in your first two cards. So a black jack is an ace which values 11 and any 10 points valued card, a jack, a queen or a king and of course the 10 card it. The single requirement is that the first two cards received have to sum up 21 in order to win a black jack. If you sum up 21 from three drawn cards, it’s no black jack; it’s just a natural 21. Maybe you don’t know why it must be distinguished between a natural 21 and a black jack. This is very important because of the odds; the house pays 3 to 2 on a winning black jack. For example a 100$ bet receives a 150$ payment. On the other hand, if both the player and the dealer happen to gather 21 from the same number of cards, the game is called a tie or a push, and nobody takes the pot.

Dealing and paying The dealer’s job is to pay you immediately after you have the winning black jack, so this means that you have to show him the faced down cards. But this depends of each casino, because there are some of them who claims you to wait if the dealer has a 10 points card, because he may deal himself an ace therefore you both would have a winning black jack and the game would be declared tie. Another important thing to mention is that no player opposes another player, so as to say the only one you have to beat is the dealer, no matter if there are others at the same black jack table.

black jack strategy Somehow, black jack has no strategy, only mathematical conversions. All the cards have the values written on them, except the jacks, queens, and kings which values 10 points each. It’s up to you if you use an Ace as an eleven points card or a 1 point one. On depending the cards received you have to ask for others or stop at that point, so as to be as close as possible to summing 21 points. If your sum surpasses 21, the house wins. Otherwise the one closer to 21 takes the entire pot.