I am going to assume that you know the rules of poker, as they are explained in the game, although if I get enough requests I will happily write another post explaining them,. Next you can study this chart to know the different hand rankings, and what hand beats what. It is important to know this all the time, as there is no point drawing to hit a straight, when it is likely that one of your opponents has a flush already,as you are drawing dead, i.e you have a zero percent chance of winning the hand . I don’t like those odds. If you know the hand rankings alreadymove on to the starting hand strategy.

As you can see the best hand of all is a Royal Flush, which is basically a straight flush which runs from the 10 to the Ace.

A Straight flush is a run of 5 cards all of the same suit, and is very rare. I play about 1000 hands of poker a day when i play and I see 1 a month if I am lucky.

Four of a kind is pretty self explanatory, and is all 4 cards of the same denomination. I.e, All 4 aces. 4 of a kind is very very very rarely beaten, and if you lose with it in this game I suggest you shoot the other player, as he is obviously cheating. ( But don’t do this in real life, as you may face charges)

The next hand is a full house, which is 3 of one type of card, and a pair of another, in this example it is 3 tens and 2 aces. Or Tens Full of Aces in poker terminology.

Behind this comes a flush, which is still a very strong hand. This involves 5 cards of the same suit. The only time a flush may not be good is when the board has 4 cards of the same suit on it, and the card you hold in your hand to make the flush is a low one. With more then one player in the hand with you the likelihood of them having a flush is quite high.

Next up is the straight, another powerhouse hand, if there is no flush on the board and the board isn’t paired. Reading the board is an intermediate skill that comes with practice and when mastered you will know in an instance of a straight is a hand you should be proceeding with . Agaisnt the AI in Red Dead Redmption however it is usually good.

Three of a kind, also known as a set if you have two of the cards in your hand, or trips of you only have one in your hand and two are on the board is also strong. If you hold 77 and the flop comes 7, Ace and say an 8 you could make a lot of money of somebody who has a hand like Ace King, which is a good starting hand. His pair, is beaten by your 3 of a kind and as you have two of the cards in your hand it is well disguised.

Next comes two pair, which is obviously two pairs and can win you pots agaisnt the computer opponent as I have often seen them go bust with only a single pair.

The next two hands are one pair, which can be good if you have a good kicker, for instance you may hear the phrase Top Pair, Top Kicker. This means if you have say and Ace and ten and the flop comes Ten, Eight and Six, you have top pair. Your kicker is the ace, which is the highest possible kicker, and this will mean you beat someone who has a Ten with a card like a king or queen. This is why your initial hand selection is important. Making sure that one could experience the same in 에볼루션 카지노.


Every game has their own rules and ways to play and every player has to agree to them before they start playing. All of these information are told them before the game begin,once they agree then only the game starts, so that there is no trouble in between the game and no one creates disturbance later.