If you’ve been to a free online casino, you’ve probably seen a game called craps. This is a complicated game for new gamblers. Gambling or betting strategies can be very complex and there’s a lot of money at stake. With online casino gambling, you can protect some of your real money by learning with free play money or getting into a freeroll game, however-and that’s the recommended way to learn.

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Even the basics of craps can be confusing, so we are only going to stick to the basic betting strategies. Some of the more complicated strategies should definitely be saved for when you have a better understanding of the game or can play for free versus real money online casino gambling.

In live casino games, it is very fast moving and takes four different dealers and a shooter to play. On the free online casino websites, the shooter may rotate around the table and the computer does much of the work on paying out winning bets and collecting losing ones.

Free online casino craps games start out with a “come out” roll of the dice. This sets the point the shooter wants to re-roll before “crapping” out with a seven on the dice. The basic bet for this game is called the “pass line.” When players elect to “don’t pass,” that is the opposite of the winning bet. So the “come out” roll gets an “OFF” marker-unless the “come out” roll is 11 or 7 in which case you win even cash. After that, if you roll a 7 before you hit the point, you lose.

You also do not want to roll a 2, 3, or 12 on the “come out” roll, because that means you lose. Rolling a 8, 9, or 10 or a 4, 5, or 6 is desirable. That roll sets your point. So if you roll an 8, then 8 is the point. You need to roll your point (in this case an again before you roll a 7 to win. So to start the game you place your bet on the pass line and you bet that you’ll hit the point before you roll a 7. If you choose to place your bet on the “don’t pass” line, that means you are betting you will not hit the point before you roll a 7. In other words, you’re betting you’ll roll a 7 before you roll an 8 in this case.


The game starts with the dealer placing the black “off” marker down and everyone placing a bet. The shooter shakes and rolls the “come out” dice. It rolls a 7. Everybody wins-unless they were betting on the “don’t pass” line. Those people lose.

The process starts over, except this time the shooter rolls a 5. The dealer flips the black “off” marker over to the white “on” side and places it next to the 5 on the board. The shooter continues to roll and finally rolls a 5, without hitting a 7 first, so everybody wins, except for the “don’t pass” bettors.

Continue on for another round with the shooter rolling a 5 this time around. The “on” marker gets placed by the 5. Now the people who placed bets on the “pass” line hope the shooter will roll a 5 before he rolls a 7. But it is not meant to be. The shooter rolls a 7 first. So now everyone loses. Except those betters that bet on the “don’t pass” line. This time they win.

These are the basics of online casino gambling and the game of craps. Free online casinos are the best way to start learning the game and getting familiar with the odds before you move on to more complex strategies and real money.

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